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Jonesboro Live Sound Production

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Be Heard Loud and Clear!!

I think all people have one thing in common. We all want to be heard literally. Wether it is a band or a speaking engagement, you want your audience to be able to hear every word. Dj Nightmare Productions is here to help you be heard! When you hire us for PA services trust that everyone will hear you loud and clear. Wether your event is outside or inside, wether power is available or not We have the means to provide prestine PA services to you at an affordable price! We setup and mix the sound for you so that you can focus on your event. Be heard today, shoot me an email at: to inquire about Live sound services.

All Live Sound Services are no charge setup and teardown. All Services are quoted at a per gig basis. So depending on exactly what your event is needing we will oblidge to the best of our ability. Dj Nightmare Productions has Very large PA Systems for Rent or Very Small PA Systems for rent and every size in between. If it is just a speaking engagement we can supply a small simple PA at a very affordable rate. If it is a large event we can stack and Array Speakers so that everyone present will hear every word. Your event is Our #1 priority, Be heard today, Fill out the form below or call 870-273-4389

We have been fortunate enough to over the years work with many high profile recording artist. Included but not limited to Grammy Award Nominated Recording Artist Calvin Richardson, K. Michelle, Playa Fly, Young Dolph, Zedzilla, Pleasure P, Don Trip and many more! We Provided Sound Systems for their perfomances, and they were more than happy with the results! No event is to large or to small from your neighborhood backyard band to your outdoor large perfomances we have the means to deliver for you!

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